Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Day of "War Talk"

My Mom

"Why did Sayyed Hassan Threaten that much. Things are not getting any better"

My Colleague

"Is it true that war is just around the corner? What do you think? Do you think Hisballah will Retaliate outside Lebanon? Damn this country, one can not live in security around here."

My other Colleague

"So, Hamze, where would you go when the war brakes?"

The Lady at the shop

"Canadian immigration, Huh?" she then looks at one of her relative on my right, "Listen, when the war brakes, I want to cook for you and the guys" He smiles and says " Can you use an RPG?"

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sundays were never my best days... Historically speaking. They were the days when the fun was over and I had to get ready to go to bed, since I had school the next day. The same goes for college, even though my mom wasn't the one enforcing the law anymore.

But this Sunday was a day when nothing made any sense. Actions, Reactions, Thought, feelings. They were all confused and just went in a circles of nothingness.

My cure to such days is a long night sleep. I shall, hopefully, recover by then...

Monday, December 24, 2007


Many life-changing decisions were made since my last blog entry.

I did not get to finish filling the application for my US working visa. I submitted my resignation, paid my bills, transfered the lease of my apartment, sold my car, bought a ticket and landed in Beirut on the 2nd of May,2007.

And only then, I realized that it was the best thing I have ever done.

Now I am working in Beirut at a company called Sukleen, which raises an eyebrow whenever I mention the name to my Lebanese friends. And for those who don't know, Sukleen is the largest trash collecting company in Lebanon, thus the eyebrow!!!

For the time being, I am enjoying my time with my family and friends and planning my next career move.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reminsince- The VOLZZ

Do you remember this piece of machine?

Where I come from, it is not related to hippies or the anything of that sort. When I see what is known in Lebanon as the "VOLZZ", I remember all the electric contracting equipment, since that was my father's occupation. A whole arsenal of wire bundles of different gauges and colors, in addition to the orange pipes (narbish or narbish, i dont know). It also bring memories of crates of Oranges and Lemons from our small orchard (the piece of Land is called "il Zirnebeh"). It is also associated with going to school, since that was one of the favorite mode of transportation for the promising young masses, and more specifically with a man of the name "Abu Hassan Salemeh", a driver who used to own one of these and had the Naughtiest kids at school (Kadmous, in Tyre).

I saw one here in th heart of the Midwest today. The mere sound of that Automobile (which, of all the cars in the world, can only be mistaken for an older VW beetle) gave rise to an endless array of old memories.

The VOLZZZZ. The car of the people.

And as an engineering tidbit: Did you know that its engine, as well as the beetle's did not use water for cooling??

Monday, March 26, 2007

So We Won't Forget!!كي لا ننسى

Watching this picture reminded me of a grim fact about us, "the human race". WE JUST FORGET, Want to forget or just shovel those unwanted memories into the back of our skulls. What got to me tonight is that while I am going out, playing sports and watching movies. The mother, father, uncle and siblings of that girl are sitting somewhere and dealing with the implication of loosing her.

(Please post links and comments about pictures which affect/affected/affecting you. Just to remember that month between July and August of last year)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Chicago. A bustling city of 2.8 million souls. A small Dunkin Dougnuts stand. The guy looks Japanese, turns out he is Nepalese. "where are guys from", he asked?. "Lebanon", we replied. "You Lebanese are brave people, fighting those Israelis.", he comments with a thick accent. We smile. I take my order. My friend, who likes the conversation, tells him how beautiful Lebanon is. I sit, take out my snadwish, with "You Lebanese are brave people" echoes in my ears over and over and over.....

Saturday, March 17, 2007


الجو العام هذه الأيام يعبر عنه القول التالي

إن اليوم لناظره قريب